Worlds First Collaboration App Optimised for Satellite Communication

Halve satellite calling cost and data usage. Bring your HQ and remote teams closer to drive higher productivity and operational efficiencies.

Are you paying through the roof

to call satellite phone numbers?


Switch to FrontM to cut your call costs!

Web & Native apps

iOS, Android, Windows

Cross platform messaging

Whatsapp, WeChat, etc

Works offline

P2P messaging & Edge tech

Fully asynchronous

works over patchy internet

No background traffic

keep-alive & pings

Bandwidth saving

unique push-notification design

How It Works

Download “FrontM” for free from Apple App-Store or Google Play-Store, or use from your browser.

Sign up or use trusted Social Sign on with your Google or Facebook account.

Import satellite phone number directory, add your contacts and invite new users.

Top up the built in Digital Wallet with in-app purchases or card purchases on

Enjoy free Chat, Free VoIP & discounted calls to Satellite & international numbers.

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Partner With Us

Distribute Our App

Are you a Service Provider, Solution Provider or Sales Consultant who wants to transform the way your maritime and satellite communications customers communicate and collaborate – while earning commissions to boot? FrontM’s Sales Partner Program is designed for you.

White-label Our App

Does your company prefer branded stand-alone solutions for your customers to establish your brand differentiation, full pricing control and customer loyalty? Talk to our product experts for an overview.

Integrate Our APIs

Let us bring Core – Remote (e.g. shore-ship) collaboration into one place within your software platform. With our APIs, your customers’ relationships and communications are convergent, safe, efficient and cost optimised. And that way, you secure a key differentiator for your offering in a rapidly evolving competitive landscape.

Our specialities

  • Web and Native mobile, windows SDK
  • Messaging, VoIP and Satellite Number calling
  • Conversational AI that connects to your data

Our Services

  • Speed and certainty with our 2-4-4 method
  • We undertake customisation and integration
  • Simple & scalable SaaS licence model

Why Integrate FrontM

  • Improve productivity for your customers
  • Save your customers time and money
  • Create a new revenue streams

Our Partners

Halve costs to call Satellite Numbers on shore. Minimise cost of collaboration on ships